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How To Change Your Name

Charles Burgess Deed Polls is a private, confidential service that can legally change names on your behalf. Changing your name is a legal matter, which means there is no “official” place you can go to register a name change. It’s important to understand what a deed poll is. As a result, Charles Burgess Deed Polls offers a quick and straightforward process, removing the need for expensive lawyers.

A Complete Guide To Legally Changing Your Name In The UK With Expert Paralegal Services​

We understand that your name is a defining feature of your identity. Not only this but there are also legal values that accompany a thorough and correct legal name change. Whether you’re celebrating the joining of two families with a hyphenated surname, altering a child’s name or redefining your identity after a change of gender, it’s helpful to understand the process. That’s why we’ve outlined the application process and provided more extensive insight into the value of specific legal name changes in the UK. This way, we can offer you peace of mind regarding deed polls.

How To Do A Deed Poll

Applying for a deed poll is simple and straightforward, especially if you use our application process. We strive to process your order in under 24 hours which means after just a few minutes of filling in the required information, you’re legal name change could begin this week! To help you understand the process more, we’ve outlined the steps below so you’re clear on what’s required for a high-quality deed poll.

What You'll Need:



Step One:
Decide on Your Name

Before you begin, it’s important you know what your new name will be. We advise picking something inoffensive and appropriate for yourself as an individual.

Step Two:
Apply For A Deed Poll

With your new name decided you can start our simple and easy application process. Just fill in the details, pay the fee and we’ll endeavour to process the application within 24 hours.

Step Three:
Sign With A Witness

You need to sign your deed poll in front of a witness before you can use it for official document changes in order to legitimise it. From there, you can submit further applications

Step Four:
Submit Your Documentation

Now you have official legal documentation, you can apply to legally change your name with all the appropriate organisations and governing bodies.

Why People Change Names?

There are various reasons why someone might want to change their name, such as:


An adopted child may want their name to match that of their adoptive parents.

Ethnic or cultural reasons

To adopt a name that fits in with the culture they are part of.


To protect themselves or avoid negative associations with their previous names.

Personal preference

Someone might simply prefer a different name.

Can You Change a Child’s Name?

It’s possible to change a child’s name, provided the adult making the application has consent from everyone with parental responsibility of the child. If there is an objection from someone with parental responsibility, the court may need to intervene. To learn more, see our Child Deed Poll page.

Can You Change Your Name if You’re Not a UK Citizen?

If you are a foreign national, verify with the high commission or embassy of your country in London before applying for a Deed Poll, to see if it will be accepted as a means of changing your passport. We don’t advise changing your name if you cannot change your passport.

For individuals who have acquired asylum or who are refugees, the UK Border Agency recognises Deed Polls as proof of a name change.

Latest Deed Poll Information

No, both our adult and child name change services are £18

There is no maximum limit for legitimate name changes.

The earliest you can change your name is at age 16. However, some limitations can require parental consent up until the age of 18. After that, you’re legally permitted to change your name to whatever you desire so long as it is inoffensive and legitimate.

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