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Last Will & Testament With Charles Burgess

We offer a private, comprehensive, and legally drafted kit to create a personalised last will and testament for individuals and families. Our pack provides a template to simply design a will tailored to you or a loved one’s wishes. The template is easily completed and drafted by a legal specialist to ensure all documentation is filled out correctly.

An Essential Guide To Creating Your Own Will With A Legally Drafted Template

If you’re looking for an effortless way to communicate your final wishes regarding money, property, and possessions after death, then Charles Burgess has the perfect solution. Not only do we include a pack with an easy-to-understand template, but we also provide guidance and secure storage options to cover all stages of drafting your last will and testament. 

Last Will & Testament Explained

A last will and testament is an official legal document that communicates your final wishes about property, possessions, assets, and money after your passing. It needs to cover a variety of important information including funeral arrangements and appointing individuals for certain responsibilities. For deeper insight into this, please see below:

What Does A Charles Burgess Will Pack Include?

Our pack includes an extensive template with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the creation of your last will and testament. This template includes the following:

The Process

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Secure Storage Options

Charles Burgess offers a secure and straightforward storage service once your last will and testament are complete.

Professional Service

We provide a comprehensive will pack that's easy to complete and simple to understand.

Legal Specialists

The templates we provide are put together by certified and knowledgeable legal specialists to provide you with peace of mind.

Why Choose A Kit From Charles Burgess?

When it comes to completing your last will and testament, you’ll want to have peace of mind that everything is covered. We understand the importance of transparency, trust, and confidence that your estate is taken care of by loved ones after death. 


Charles Burgess is a private document provider, not a government agency. We aim to support people in their last will and testament process by providing an easy and convenient will pack for DIY documents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our template kit is drafted by legal specialists to ensure all you need to do is fill out the forms, sign them with a witness and store them securely.

A revocation clause is a legal statement written into your last will and testament to nullify any previous wills.

Yes. It is advised that you have multiple copies in addition to the original in the unlikely circumstance of accidental loss.

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For an easy, simple and straightforward way to complete your last will and testament, get in touch with us today for a will kit and comprehensive guidance from legal specialists.

5.0 Stars - 52 Reviews