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Name Change FAQ

This page contains some more answers to questions you may not have come across in our other resources about changing your name with a Deed Poll. If you have any other questions concerning Deed Polls that are not in our FAQs, feel free to contact us.

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There are no additional fees after using our Deed Poll service. However, you will need to pay the passport office to reissue you a new passport, for example.

If each name change is for a legitimate reason, there’s no restrictions on how many times you can alter your name.

Yes, you are free to be known as someone with a single name. The HM passport office will usually accept this.

Generally, you cannot change the name on a birth certificate. The certificate serves as a historical account of the facts at the time of birth.

No, it’s not necessary to inform the DBS of a name change. Only when making a new application will you need to provide details of the name change.

No, you cannot use photocopies of Deed Polls. You either need to send the original Deed Poll or a “legal copy” to any major record holder or financial institution.

If you’ve ordered your Deed Poll using Charles Burgess Deed Polls and you’ve subscribed to our legal copy service, you can be certified a new copy of your Deed Poll. Contact us for more information.

Yes, you can. If you have the time and enthusiasm, as well as being happy to research and understand the process yourself, you can prepare your own Deed Poll. However, if you part with a little money, not only can we save you time, but you can rest assured your Deed Poll is done correctly. As a reputable company we are trusted to produce accurate results. Therefore, people are less likely to question the validity of your Deed Poll.

No, changing your name will not affect your credit rating. However, you should tell all record holders about your new name. 

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5.0 Stars - 52 Reviews