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A Comparison Of Enrolled & Unenrolled Child Deed Polls

An enrolled deed poll can provide a wide variety of benefits for both adults and children. If you feel your child would benefit from a name change, it’s important to understand the difference between enrolled and unenrolled. With this in mind, we’ve put together an overview outlining the differences. We aim to emphasise the value it can bring, specifically for a child.

What Is An Enrolled Deed Poll?

An enrolled deed poll is one that Is recognised by governing bodies such as the Royal Courts of Justice. Both enrolled and unenrolled are generally accepted for most use cases. Choosing to enroll your deed poll makes it a public record, and can be seen as more official. There are a few benefits that accompany this type of service, which we expand upon below.

Security & Your Child’s Right To Privacy

Believe it or not, an enrolled deed poll is not necessarily more private. By registering your deed poll with official governing bodies, you can avoid unwanted associations with previous names, however it will become public record. An unenrolled deed poll prevents the likelihood of your personal information being disclosed in public settings. This is even more important for a child deed poll. It’s crucial that your child’s information remains as private and secure as possible. This can be achieved with an enrolled deed poll.

Social & Educational Integration With An Unenrolled Deed Poll

Deed polls can be used for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s a cultural name change in a new country, or a gender-based name change after a transition, a new name can lead to improved social and educational integration. Specifically for a child, a consistent cultural and recognisable name can help with integration in new school environments, and with those around them. Enrolling a deed poll can make a legal name change more official, but does not provide any more value or validity than an unenrolled counterpart. Either way, you can make a legal name change official with all educational bodies for the future.

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Travel With Peace Of Mind

One of the only differing aspects of an enrolled deed poll is global travel related. Although unenrolled deed polls are generally accepted by most governing bodies, there may be countries or officials out there that don’t accept a name change officiated by a governing body. If you get your deed poll enrolled officially and accepted by a Royal Court of Justice, you can have peace of mind that there will be no issues while travelling overseas with your child. Travel is already stressful enough with young children, so it’s important to mitigate any other stress factors as much as possible.

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5.0 Stars - 52 Reviews