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Storage Vaults With Charles Burgess

Keep your last will and testament safe with a secure storage vault from Charles Burgess. We offer a facility built with complete protection for all your original documents, so you can rest easy knowing your will is safe in our hands. Not only will your documentation be secure, but you can always access them free of charge.

Sign & Store Your Last Will & Testament With Our All-Inclusive Service​

After signing your last will and testament, you may want to know the best way to keep it secure. We offer state-of-the-art storage solutions with our affordable storage vaults. For more information, get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Charles Burgess Will Storage?

At Charles Burgess, we understand how essential it is to trust that your documents are in safe hands. You may be inclined to look after them yourself, and that is always an option. However, keeping your original will at home may not protect it from theft, fire or loss. By using a our storage vaults you will benefit from the following:

The Process

Contact Us and Request Your Storage Pack
Post Your Will To Us Using The Free Envelope
Await Confirmation & Receipt Along With Specialist Cards For Executors
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Our Official Document Storage Facility

Our facility is fully equipped for document security. Your home may be vulnerable to theft or unforeseen weather events, whereas our storage vaults are completely protected. All documentation is kept in a waterproof wallet, and precautions are taken to ensure fire resistance. What’s more, we’ll insure your last will and testament along with any other documentation to guarantee compensation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We keep your documents in a weather-resistant, fireproof storage vault. Not only this, but we also insure your documents to ensure compensation, with an electronic backup to cover all bases.

Yes, you can. We provide instant access to your documents free of charge at all times.

We provide cards for selected executors to ensure that after death, all documents are easy to access and carry out.

Choose Charles Burgess For Secure Storage Vaults

Get in touch with us today to guarantee complete document security with one of our storage vaults. We cover all possible scenarios to ensure protection for your last will and testament.

5.0 Stars - 52 Reviews