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Adult Deed Poll

At Charles Burgess Deed Polls we cover the adult deed poll process from start to finish. Regardless of the reasons for changing your name, we understand the importance of a hassle-free and comprehensive service.

Advice & Support On Adult Legal Name Changes From Industry Experts​

To help shed some light on the legal application of changing your name, we’ve compiled a combination of common questions and information on typical name-changing circumstances. Whether you require a deed poll after a divorce or you’re celebrating the joining of two families, we’ve got you covered. Contact our professional paralegals today to find out more.

Changing Your Name After Marriage

Your name does not automatically change after marriage. If you’re taking your spouse’s last name you won’t need any additional documents other than your marriage certificate to change your name. This is also the case if you want to have a double-barrelled (hyphenated) last name, combining your maiden name and your spouse’s surname.

However, if you want to keep your maiden name as your middle name, you will need a Deed Poll. You will also need a Deed Poll if you and your partner decide to go with a brand new surname.

Let’s look at an example. If your name is Jane Parker and your spouse’s surname is Smith:

Furthermore, you won’t need a Deed Poll if you only want to change your name from “Miss” to “Mrs”.

If you have lost your marriage certificate, you can either order a replacement marriage certificate or get a Deed Poll.

Legal Name Changes After A Divorce Or Separation

The following information assumes both your marriage and divorce took place in the UK.

Your name will not automatically change back to your maiden name after a divorce. To revert back to your maiden name after a divorce, you will not need a Deed Poll if you have the following documents:

If you’re missing any of these documents, you can either apply for replacements or apply for a Deed Poll via our online service. These documents will need to be presented when applying for a new passport, driver’s license, bank account, etc.

It is possible that either your marriage or divorce document is not in English if one happened outside the UK. In this case you can pay for an accredited translation service so the document can then be accepted by UK government officials. Alternatively, you can negate this process by getting a Deed Poll.

If you want to speed up the process after you’ve separated from your partner, you can use a Deed Poll. This is because you won’t yet have the decree absolute which is given only when your divorce is finalised.

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5.0 Stars - 52 Reviews