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How To Legally Change Your Name After A Divorce

In the unfortunate circumstance of divorce, you may be looking for a legal name change. If this is the case, then two options are available to you. The first option is to get a copy of a Decree Absolute to revert to your maiden name. This requires a birth certificate, marriage certification and a decree nisi.

Once you have obtained your decree absolute, you’ll have everything you need to officially return to your original namesake. However, this process can often be long and arduous, or you could be missing certain documentation. The convenient alternative is a deed poll. This process is cost-effective and does not require as much documentation or work on your behalf.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a how-to guide below on the steps you need to take to change your name after a divorce via deed poll.

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Step One: Deciding On Your New Legal Name Change After Divorce

The first thing you should do after your divorce is decide on your legal name change if you desire to change it. This can be your original maiden name, or a new one altogether depending on your preference. It’s essential to consider all the options available to you, and decide upon a name you’re truly happy with.

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Step Two: Submitting A Deed Poll Application

Once you’ve decided on the legal name change you would like to convert to after your divorce, it’s time to submit an application. Charles Burgess Deed Polls offers a straightforward and hassle-free application process for all desired name changes. Simply fill out all the information required and pay the fee to get the ball rolling.

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Step Three: Signing Your Documents With A Witness

Once you receive your deed poll, what’s left to do is sign the documents with a witness to verify the legitimacy of the deed poll. After this, you can proceed with the official name change process with the appropriate organisations.


Step Four: Submit Your Deed Poll To Change Official Documentation

It’s a common misconception that a deed poll is an official name change. However, a deed poll is a legal document required to change your name with government bodies such as the HMRC, Home Office & DVLA. Once you’ve acquired your deed poll, it’s up to you to contact these official representatives and start the process of officially and legally changing your name with them. Almost all of these governing bodies will change the name on your documents free of charge, except for a passport. You will have to pay the fee associated with a replacement for a new passport.

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Get In Touch With Charles Burgess Deed Polls For Professional Legal Name Changes After A Divorce

If you’re looking to change your name after a divorce, and you’d like to do so without the long and complicated process of applying for a decree absolute, then contact one of our professional paralegals today, or follow our simple application process.

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5.0 Stars - 40 Reviews