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The History Of Deed Polls & What They Were Used For

Believe it or not, deed polls have been used for centuries for various applications. They serve as a trustworthy and authentic way to change an individual’s name and define ownership of assets. Whether you wanted to change your name in 1756, or 2024, deed poll is still considered the best way to do so. With this in mind, we’ve covered the history of this service in the UK below, to help spread some knowledge.

The Origins Of The Deed Poll

The term deed poll originates from medieval English, and can be dated back as early as the 16th century. It was used primarily for the same purpose it is now. It is a legal instrument to define a purpose for an individual party. Uses didn’t just stop at legal name changes in earlier years. We’ll go into more detail on this below.

Name Change Uses Throughout History

From the 16th century onward, the UK Government’s National Archives portrayed a deed poll as an agreement between grantors and grantees. This extended into the distribution, sale and transfer of assets. Whether this was land or another form of asset, it was a linear, reliable way to ensure transfer of material items was processed confidently and securely.

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Property Transfers Via Deed Poll

In earlier years, a deed poll was specifically utilised for real estate dealings. They provided a unilateral agreement between a land owner, and land buyer. This would solidify the sale of property with all parties involved, and governing bodies at the time. Back in the day, without the ability to connect to the internet or call anybody to fact check land ownership, it was important to have solid documentation to maintain claims of property.

Post War Applications

The war was a time which tested society. With societal pressure came a new social landscape. After the war, there was a shift in the UK towards different values. Cultural adjustments made having an option for legal name change beneficial. Since deed polls had been used for centuries before the most recent wars, it was only logical to take advantage of a timeless service to adjust your name to match societal norms after a significant event in humanity.

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