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Should You Apply Online For An Unenrolled Deed Poll?

If you’re looking to change your name, then you may be considering an unenrolled deed poll online. There are a wide variety of benefits that accompany this type of name change, along with a few small aversions when compared to its enrolled counterpart. Fortunately, we’ve gone into detail about the two different types of deed poll, to help shed some light on the matter.

The Benefits Of Unenrolled Online Deed Polls

There are a lot of positives to opting for an unenrolled deed poll online, and we’ve covered the three main benefits below. Additionally, if you’re wondering how you can change your name, there’s plenty of resources to choose from:


A deed poll is extremely convenient. The process is straight forward and easy to set up. Therefore, you can focus on your new name rather than navigating the confusing legal climate that is usually associated with documents of this calibre.

Online Efficiency

Furthermore, opting to apply for an unenrolled deed poll online means you benefit from the added efficiency of an online application. Everything can be carried out on your computer, or even your phone, so the process is seamless.


For as little as £50 or less, you can apply for an unenrolled deed poll and enjoy your new name in a matter of weeks or even days. With modern day tech and processes, a legal name change couldn’t be simpler.

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The Benefits Of Enrolling A Deed Poll Online

There are very few reasons not to apply for an unenrolled deed poll. In fact, these reasons are really just here to encourage you to go one step further. You can get your deed poll enrolled and recognised by a governing body such as a Royal Court of Justice.

Government Recognition

Generally speaking, an unenrolled deed poll is recognised by the majority of government bodies around the world. You can find information on this with our deed poll guidelines. However, there are a few that may take longer to confirm the validity of an unenrolled document. Or on rare occasions, they may not recognise it. If you want complete peace of mind, an enrolled deed poll may be the best option.

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5.0 Stars - 58 Reviews