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How To Create A Last Will & Testament

A last will and testament is the best way to ensure that your assets get distributed appropriately to loved ones and family. With passing time, we start to consider the legacy we leave, and as Thomas Campbell once said ‘‘To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die’.

It’s important to ensure all processes are completed thoroughly, legally, and stored securely, in order to guarantee your wishes are carried out exactly as planned. With this in mind, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to creating your last will and testament.

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Step One: Apply For A Last Will & Testament Template Pack

There are a few different ways to draft and complete your last will and testament. You can hire a solicitor, try and navigate the legal technicalities yourself, or use a convenient template pack.

By far the easiest, most efficient and cost-effective way is to apply for a last will and testament draft template. These are created by legal specialists to include all the necessary information and parameters to ensure all bases are covered. Simply order your kit from our website to get the ball rolling.

applying for a last will and testament pack

Step Two: Fill Out Your Personal Information

Once your template arrives, input all your personal information and fill out the required sections to specify how your assets will be distributed in your last will and testament after your passing. We recommend double-checking everything you write and asking another individual to read your work too. This way, you can ensure all the information is correct and your directions are clear, concise and easy to interpret to avoid any confusion upon execution.

filling out last will and testament

Step Three: Ensure You’ve Filled Out Your Revocation Clause

One of the most important aspects of a last will and testament is the revocation clause. This section of your document ensures all previous wills are superseded and nullified in place of your newly updated document. If this is not filled out, there can be confusion upon the execution of your multiple wills as to what assets go where.

filling out revocation

Step Four: Sign Your Last Will & Testament Draft With A Witness

Now that your last will and testament has been completed, it’s time to sign your documents. These need to be signed in front of a witness, who will also sign them. This outlines their presence and awareness of all information provided. Without a witness, your document cannot be official. As a result, your power of attorney will have difficulty verifying your will after you’re gone.

deed poll signing

Step Five: Store Your Last Will & Testament Securely

With a completed, signed and witnessed last will and testament, it’s time to make a few copies and store your original securely. We recommend using a storage vault for this. They’re fireproof, weather resistant and insured to guarantee the utmost protection of your important documents. What’s more, they’re often scanned and stored electronically elsewhere. This ensures no information is lost in the rare case of loss or damage.

secure documents

Choose Charles Burgess Deed Polls For Last Will & Testament Packs

At Charles Burgess Deed Polls, we understand the importance of simple, straightforward legal templates. They’re a great way to save costs on solicitors and help you navigate legal jargon. If you’d like to order your last will and testament pack, visit our store today to complete a simple checkout process.

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5.0 Stars - 45 Reviews