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How Old Do You Need To Be For A Legal Adult Name Change

An adult name change is available to an individual as early as 16 years old. However, there are some restrictions in place that can prevent a name change without appropriate permissions and documentation. If you’re wondering what the legal age and restrictions are, please see below for a more detailed look into adult and child name changes.

What Is A Deed Poll?

A dead poll is legal documentation usually created by certified professionals to be used in the name change process. When completed appropriately, it’s an official document that almost all governing bodies will accept in order for an adult to change their name on all official identification documents. Usually, this will be free of charge, however, certain organisations such as the home office will require a fee for replacement paperwork such as a passport.


Applying For An Adult Name Change At 16

An adult name change becomes available as early as 16. However, there are some restrictions that can stop an individual from applying. These are:


      • A special guardianship order

    These restrictions are often placed on young people in specific special circumstances, sometimes when in vulnerable situations. If this is the case, you will require consent in order to carry out an adult name change.

    Child Name Change Restrictions

    If you’re looking to change your child’s name, then there are some restrictions in place to protect the identity of young people and ensure consent has been obtained for all those responsible. Individuals with parental responsibility will need to be informed and sign off on the name change in order for it to be applied. A name change especially for a child should also be inoffensive and non-fraudulent. If this is not the case then a deed poll may not be accepted.

    What Do I Need For A Legal Name Change?

    An adult name change requires a an official deed poll from a professional service. Once you’ve filled out the information and paid the fee, you’ll then need to sign the documents in front of a witness before they can be used for official document changes.

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    5.0 Stars - 52 Reviews