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Guidelines for Name Changes

At Charles Burgess Deed Polls, we have specific guidelines for names that we accept on an application form. Please note that we will not accept a name that:

Please note that if you choose a forename or surname that consists of a single letter or includes modified Latin characters, some record holders’ computer systems may be unable to show your name correctly. Many computer systems accept only standard Latin characters and require at least two characters for the forename and surname.

At Charles Burgess Deed Polls, we will only print Latin characters on your Deed Poll document. However, we can print modified Latin characters that include the following accents and marks: acute, grave, circumflex, tilde, diaeresis (umlaut), cedilla, macron, ogonek, caron, and a dot.

Restrictions On Titles

If you want to change your name, we can also include a change of title on your Deed Poll document, provided it is a genuine and recognized British title. Please read the following paragraphs for further information about title changes and the restrictions we impose:

Recognised British Social Titles

When changing your name, there are no restrictions if you also wish to change your title to a recognized British social title, such as from Mrs. to Miss, Miss to Mrs., or from Miss to Ms. We will also allow a change of social title for transgender people, such as from Mr. to Miss, Miss to Mr., etc. We do not require any documentary evidence of your entitlement to use a recognized social title. Please note that it is perfectly acceptable for a single woman to use the title Mrs.
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Academic Titles Changes

If you wish to change your title to an academic one, religious title or title of nobility, you must provide us with documentary evidence of your entitlement to use the desired title. For academic titles, we need to see a copy of your Ph.D certificate, and for medical doctors or dentists, please provide us with your GMC or GDC reference number in the comments box on your application form. Your academic award must be conferred by a UK academic institution or body approved by Royal Charter, Act of Parliament, or the Privy Council.

If you require a title of nobility or honour, it must be related to an honour granted by the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, and you must be entitled to use the title according to the honour’s traditional style of usage. We only recognize genuine British titles of nobility. We will not recognize any purchased titles that purport to allow you to use a title like Sir, Lord, Laird, or Lady because you cannot purchase a genuine British title of nobility.

For religious titles, it must be one that is used by one of the main, generally recognized religions (with a pre-ordination process) that is practiced in the United Kingdom. To include your change of title in your Deed Poll documentation, we need to see documentary evidence of your entitlement to use your desired title, such as your ordination certificate or a letter appointing you as clergy in your religion.

If we do not receive evidence of your entitlement to use your desired title, we will not be able to include the title in your Deed Poll documentation. In this case, your Deed Poll will be issued only showing your name change. If you are changing your title to an academic title, a title of nobility, or a religious title, you should enclose documentary evidence of your entitlement to use your desired title. However, if you want to change your title only, you can start using your new title and notify all record holders that you have changed it.

Fun Names

At Charles Burgess Deed Polls, we understand that some people like to have fun names, and we have issued Deed Polls for names such as Jellyfish McSaveloy, Toasted T Cake, Nineteen Sixty-Eight, Hong Kong Phooey, Daddy Fantastic, One-One-Eight Taxi, Ting A Ling, Huggy Bear, Donald Duck, Jojo Magicspacemonkey, and James Bond. However, if you are a member of a professional body, it’s important to ensure that your new name won’t cause any issues when registering with them. For example, the Law Society would not approve of a solicitor being called Mickey Mouse! We do reserve the right to refuse an application for a fun name from someone under 18 years of age.
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Copyright & Trademark Protection Of Names

When it comes to copyright and trademark protection of names, there is none. This means that you can change your name to David Beckham or Aston Martin, for example. However, you cannot use your new name if it results in passing-off or deception. For instance, if you changed your name to Elton John and then published songs in that name, you could face trademark infringement legal action by the artist Sir Elton John on the grounds that you’re passing yourself off as him. If you are considering changing your name to a trademarked name, please read the next section.
Guidelines For Name Change

Applying For A Passport In A Fun, Temporary, Or Trademarked Name

HM Passport Office (HMPO) has introduced a policy for inappropriate and temporary name changes in passports. Under this policy, HMPO will not issue a passport in a name that is temporary or contains a political statement, a string of words that wouldn’t normally be considered a name, or a trademarked name. However, if you provide HMPO with documentary evidence that you’re using your new name for all purposes, HMPO will issue you a passport (in your current name) with an observation stating “The holder is also known as new name.”

When you apply for your new passport, you’ll need to enclose at least two documents you’ve changed to your new name to demonstrate that you’re using your new name, such as your driving licence and a utility bill. We’ll also enclose with your Deed Poll documentation the suggested wording of a letter you should enclose with your passport application in support of your request for a passport.

Limit On Number Of Characters

There’s a limit of 150 characters, including spaces, for all the names to be printed on your Deed Poll documentation. If your names exceed 150 characters, please email us, and we’ll advise you of the additional fee payable (due to the additional work involved in preparing your Deed Poll documentation).

Please note that the passport office will only print 30 characters (including spaces) for forenames and 30 characters for a surname on your passport. However, if your name exceeds these limits, you can request that the passport office prints your full name on your passport’s observation page. The DVLA and other record holders also have similar limitations on what can be entered on their computer systems and printed on your documents and records. Therefore, if you decide to have a very long name, in usage, you’ll only be able to use part of it. At Charles Burgess Deed Polls, we want to help you make informed decisions about your new name, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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