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Embracing Cultural Identity Through a Name Change


Name: Sarah Patel

Age: 25

Location: Birmingham, England

Date of name change: August 5, 2023

Background: Sarah Patel, a 25-year-old individual from Birmingham, England, has decided to change her name through a deed poll. This case study delves into the motivations behind Sarah’s decision and the process she undertook to legally change her name.

Reasons For Name Change

Reconnection with Cultural Heritage

Sarah’s birth name, “Sarah Johnson,” is of Western origin and doesn’t reflect her South Asian heritage. Growing up, Sarah felt a strong connection to her cultural background, and as she matured, she realised that adopting a name that resonated with her heritage could be a meaningful way to honour her roots.

Personal Identity

As she navigated her identity journey, Sarah recognized the importance of embracing her full identity. Changing her name to “Zara Patel” allowed her to express her cultural heritage more authentically and openly, both within her community and in broader society.

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Sense Of Identity

Sarah believed that a name that aligned with her cultural background would foster a greater sense of belonging and connection within her family and community. She hoped her new name would be a conversation starter, enabling her to share stories about her heritage.


Through the name change process, Sarah successfully embraced her cultural identity and heritage more fully. She reported a profound sense of empowerment and authenticity in introducing herself as “Zara Patel.” Her family and community were supportive, and her new name became a symbol of the rich tapestry of her identity.

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5.0 Stars - 45 Reviews