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Changing Name By Deed Poll In England


Name: Jamie Roberts

Age: 30

Location: London, England

Date of name change: May 10, 2023

Background: Jamie Roberts, a 30-year-old individual living in London, has decided to change their name through a deed poll in England. This case study outlines Jamie’s motivations for changing their name and the process they underwent to legally change it.

Reasons For Name Change

Gender Transition

Jamie is a transgender individual who identifies as male. Born with the name “Jessica,” Jamie’s birth name did not align with his gender identity. After taking the time to explore his identity and undergoing medical and social transition steps, Jamie decided to change his name to “Jamie,” which he felt was a better fit for his true self.

Social and Professional Alignment

“Jessica,” caused confusion and misalignment in both social and professional contexts. As he embarked on his transition journey, it became increasingly important for him to have a name that accurately represented his identity and helped him seamlessly integrate into various aspects of life.

Personal Empowerment

Changing his name was a significant step for Jamie in asserting his autonomy and ownership over his identity. He viewed the name change as an empowering way to celebrate his transition and live authentically.

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Process Of Name Change

Research & Preperation

Jamie researched the legal process of changing his name. He found Charles Burgess online and reviewed the requirements for changing one’s name via deed poll. He also explored various online resources, forums and Charles Burgess Blogs to gather information and tips from others who had undergone a similar process.

Deed Poll Creation Via Charles Burgess

Jamie asked two friends to serve as witnesses for his deed poll. These witnesses were individuals who understood the importance of the name change to Jamie and were not family members. They signed the document to affirm its authenticity.

Submission & Approval

 Jamie submitted the completed deed poll document to the appropriate government agencies, along with the necessary supporting documents and fees. In England, the deed poll process does not require court approval, making it a relatively straightforward legal procedure.

Notification & Documentation

Upon receiving the deed poll, Jamie proceeded to update his identification documents, including his driver’s license, passport, and bank accounts, with his new name. He also informed his employer, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and other relevant parties about the name change.


The successful name change process allowed Jamie to fully embrace his male identity and align his personal and professional life with his true self. He reported feeling a sense of relief and empowerment as he introduced himself as Jamie. The support of friends and the straightforward nature of the deed poll process in England contributed to a positive and affirming experience.

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5.0 Stars - 45 Reviews